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Have You Been
Impacted by Anxiety and Overwhelm?
Have You Tried Everything with No Lasting Relief?

It's Time To Take Back Control!


EIC helps people just like you to turn stress into success, ending struggle and sleepless nights!


Anxiety and overwhelm do NOT have to define your life,  it CAN be totally resolved

and the best part:

Recovery really doesn't have to take a long time


EIC's mission is simple: To create a connection with clients to facilitate them in letting go of the root causes of their negative strife, using effective change methods allowing them find their own answers and to step forward with clarity and confidence into the life they desire.

Since EIC began working with clients in 2015, it has helped clients all over the world to achieve and maintain lasting happiness and fulfilment.  Giving them back control of their lives by resolving issues at their emotional root cause, in order to create positive and permanent change. Think of it as pulling out the emotional discord by its roots in your mental garden.


Issues EIC has helped clients resolve include, but are not limited to, the following:


Anger  I  Anxiety I Mental Health Challenge I Addiction

Mood Disorders  I   Loss  I  Suicidal Ideation  I  Trauma 

Intimate Relationships I  Isolation & Loneliness  I  People Pleasing

Bullying I Fear of success  I  Imposter syndrome  I  Work-life boundaries 

EIC offers both remote and in person sessions, bespoke to our clients individual needs. We are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland for face to face sessions, and accessible worldwide for remote sessions via multiple platforms.

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With EIC, it begins and ends with connection. The first thing a new client and we do is connect and get to one another as people, building a safe therapeutic relationship. EIC clients never undertake this process alone, we are available for the inevitable follow up questions and additional support.


As the sessions continue and the work progresses, the connections between the clients own old patterns of though and behaviour begin to adapt and the links between positive thoughts and feelings grow stronger. Clients then begin to see the fruits of their labour: released negativity, permanent change, and growth leading to increased clarity and confidence.


All services can be conducted remotely and designed with the client’s comfort as the guiding principle.

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