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I've had my own experiences with anxiety!

Hi. My name's Kerry, and I'm the proud founder and owner of EIC.

I established EIC to support others to heal from anxiety and other negative emotions holding them back from reaching their full professional and personal potential.
I know how hard it can be to wade through the depths of anxiety and depression as I spent more than a decade of my life waging my own battle against diagnosed anxiety, severe and postpartum depressions, and mood disorders.
When I was ten, I experienced my first low mood and mood swings. During my teenage years, I received my first mental health diagnoses of severe depression, anxiety, and mood disorder. After both of my pregnancies, at age eighteen and twenty-two, I struggled with postpartum depression for the first year of each of my children's lives.

During those thirteen years, I also piled on considerable weight as I tried every therapy, modality, and healing protocol available to me. I rode that wave of ups and downs for many years with no lasting relief.


Then at twenty-three, everything changed when I found the right coach. And it saved my life.

When I took the leap of faith and embarked on this healing journey with a supportive coach, everything started to change. I got my life back, a full life not stolen by my fractured mental state. My moods found a healthy balance. The anxiety and depression abated. I could enjoy bonding with my children and started to get to know these amazing, gorgeous little creatures. I reconciled my past so that I wouldn't be held hostage by it any longer, I started to heal and get excited about a brighter future. I found it WAS possible for me to thrive!

Over 10 years later, where am I?

I'm happy to say the changes stuck, I am over 160 pounds lighter (and losing more everyday) and my old life feels a million miles away. I got so much value from my own transformation that I went through the training to become a Coach in 2015 and continued my education to become a Coach trainer in 2017. Since then I have gone on to hone my skills through study and develop my own unique model of Emotional Independence Coaching; I'm blessed to get to spend my days connecting and collaborating with people, helping them leave behind the past pain to move forward to a brighter future, primed to thrive. I wear my nerd moniker with pride; in 2020 I completed my Advanced Level Five Diploma in Child Psychology, and I am currently in my final year of studying for a Psychology and Counselling Degree. Not only is it a favourite area of study, but it's also instrumental to my coaching practice.

When I'm not working with clients, I'm the proud Mum to my two tiddlywinks: Erin and Elliott (aka Ez and Jelly). I am also Wife to Stephen, with whom in 2022 I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary (He's my guinea pig when I want to give a new therapeutic process or the latest recipe I found online a go). Now of course, a family is only as good as its pets, and our fourth and fifth family members are a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Molly and a tabby kitten named Koda. Molly joins me on every zoom call (out of shot), is my favourite office dog and absolutely keeps me on my toes and covered in North Ireland's finest mud from its hiking paths.

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What Sets Me Apart

Sometimes your greatest strengths emerge out of your biggest challenges; that was certainly the case for me. My struggles gave me a unique perspective, particular insights, and a deep well of empathy. I use these tools only to strengthen the connections between us.

I understand the universal pain, the winding dark shadows, the seemingly never-ending difficulties, and constant challenging barriers. I know it because I've been there and also know what it's like to come out to the other side - thriving in a life of light, joy, and potential. It's been like that for over ten years now. Tough times will always come; it's life after all. The difference is that now, I can respond to any challenge in the moment without being dragged down further by the pains of my past. 

Nothing in this world makes me happier than seeing others become happier, healthier, braver, and feel alive once again . My biggest joy is paying it forward and bringing this work to you. When you're ready to take on some of the things holding you back, drop me a line. I'm always ready to help you.

For more info on my journey and to find out how anxiety and depression impacted me over my life, take a look at the article I wrote for A Lust for Life - an Irish mental health Charity. 


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