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Happy Children

Childhood Coaching

As a parent, nothing is more important than the physical and mental wellbeing of our children, nurturing this has been a lifeblood for EIC since our children were born. Knowing that I have access to a tool that has already helped so much in our own home, has really opened our eyes to how much this service is needed.

Especially over recent years with the prevalence of social media and the past few years of huge social and economic change.

With this in mind, EIC are pleased to be able to offer Coaching for kids!

Helping young minds harness the power of positive, build resilience and enable themselves to take charge of their lives from a young age. Giving them a way of removing harmful emotions and beliefs and replacing them with positive, strengthening and resilient ones instead, stopping their emotional pots from overflowing and preventing them picking up more serious issues later in life.

All this great work and because it is done through the use of a play tool in the form of a therapy game, the children only see it as a playtime activity, limiting any push back and ensuring children do not feel judged or labelled. 

**Children who have already picked up any more in depth challenges can also  take advantage of a session of bespoke Emotional Independence Coaching aimed at a younger mind, leaving parents safe in the knowledge that their precious one's lives will not be defined by emotional challenge and limited beliefs.

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