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Emotional Independence Coaching

Emotional Independence Coaching allows a client to really open up their eyes to the wealth of opportunity within themselves, should they resolve past experiences. Showing them how the emotions and beliefs they create by doing so, can enable them to enter new situations unburdened by the past. During a coaching session coach and client work together to create an internal safe space where the client has the opportunity to change their relationship with past experiences, which contain unresolved negative emotions  holding the client within cycles and patterns of unwanted behaviour.

Coaching is completely content free so requires no detail around the trauma or experience holding the client back and recognises the client as the only person with the answers to the presenting issue or problem.

Think of their problems as weeds in the garden, and a coach as a landscaper. Up until now they may have been cutting away the visible part of the weed, using various different methods and never fully getting the roots. Well, guess what? It's just gonna grow right back again! Emotional Independence Coaching is all about pulling out those roots completely so clients can move forward safe in the knowledge that they will not grow back. By working in themes as opposed to one size fits all, we address every concern in full, areas such as trauma, bullying, parental relationship, intimate relationships, loneliness, loss (not an exhaustive list) and any others where the overwhelm might sit for them (their coach will help them to find these themes), offering even more guarantee that the issue is fully resolved.


Allowing coaches to say with complete confidence that results are permanent!!

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