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Efficacy of Emotional Independence Coaching in reducing Anxiety


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***The Diagram above shows results from a small cross-section of case study data, logged from clients with their consent. 


These numbers show the efficacy of coaching in reducing overall negative emotions, including (although certainly not limited to) anxiety and overwhelm. At the beginning of each session, each client scores the major emotions (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt) and overall Anxiety as it relates to the theme (issue) to be treated that day. After each session, clients rescore the same emotions using the same scale. As you can see, clients experience an immediate reduction in the intensity of the negative emotions. I check in with clients and rescore a third time seven days after the session and for a fourth and final time thirty days after that particular theme's original session date. By the week and month check-in, the learnings are fully integrated, clients can see the changes, and they are permanently imprinted. Should any of the emotions score above a three at the seven-day check-in, we schedule a second session to resolve any remaining issues in that theme, complete with another scoring check-in before the original month check-in. 


As these tables show,  all clients experience a dramatic reduction, some even experiencing full resolution of triggered emotions to that theme, of anxiety and other negative emotions by the conclusion of the very first session. The majority of clients leave with a new sense of calm, ready to accept the lessons, and integrate them into their life. Allowing for multiple themes to be addressed and resolved quickly and negating the need for an extended and drawn out recovery process.


In most cases, clients reported a post-session integration leading to complete elimination of the negative emotions that a week ago were running their lives. At the month mark, all clients reported a 100% resolution.

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