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Episodic Memory coaching

Anyone can experience trauma, and many times after doing so a person will become changed by this event negatively, Episodic Memory Coaching is all about healing, allowing time and circumstance to be resolved so that a client can shake the shackles left behind from a traumatic event and the impact on their lives. Healing from traumatic events of the past and letting go of the emotional responses will allow a client to move forwards, the event itself cannot be changed, yet the way in which it impacts current day emotions and beliefs can!

We aide  this healing using a non-trauma focused approach designed to allow a client to remove negative emotions created by a specific event and replace it with positive learnings, giving the bandwidth within themselves to heal. Unlike Transitional Coaching this is not about emotions created in childhood and manifesting in adult life, these emotions were created in that specific moment. Episodic Memory Coaching can help a client move forward from this event by allowing them to recall the memory of this event without negative emotions present.


Remembering that no-one’s life should be defined by a moment in time.

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