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  • How is Emotional Independence Coaching different to Therapies such as counselling?
    Emotional Independence Coaching is a unique form of client led treatment, designed to allow an individual to create their own answers and move past the challenges they have created whilst putting positive learnings in their place. How it does this is by using light introspection, language and colour to resolve the route cause of emotional responses and remove negative emotions and beliefs created in this moment, taking away these triggers also removes their ability to continue to be barriers in life. Coaching is content free meaning no information is required on the event or emotional reactions, a simple questionnaire is conducted during the initial consultation which will give me everything I need to work on the issue. Everyone is an individual and Coaching is bespoke as opposed to a one size fits all treatment, this allows a client's whole self to be considered and should the emotional response result from trauma the client will not have to relive that event or the feelings it creates.
  • Why do you not offer single sessions to new clients/service users?
    The answer is simple, baring in mind that if you are wanting to access a more bespoke, holistic service such as this, you have likely exhausted a number of other options first. As clients/service users are struggling emotionally with the consequences of overwhelm, anxiety etc. It would not be advantageous to suggest that they are likely experiencing real and difficult life-impacting challenges. This level of challenge cannot be expected to be resolved in a single session (most people would expect to be in standard therapy for a considerable period), EDC despite offering a solution with faster results, is realistic in its approach and so will require more than a single session. Therefore, we offer a package with a set amount of time with a coach, at a reduced cost: >26 hours for £1500 equivalent to 13 2 hour individual sessions priced at £150 each, which would total £1950. Ensuring that anyone using our services gets the maximum effect for their money. It also gives them a sense of ownership or 'skin in the game' so to speak, which keeps them invested in their change work and will ensure they continue until the whole process is completed.
  • Isn't Coaching really expensive in comparison to other treatments?
    Before I answer that question let me just show you some simple maths: Other option (counselling for example) average cost per hour is £50 and appointments are weekly, so if we said 12 months of treatment (the averague time most spend with one) that's 52 hourly appointments @£50 ph = £2600!!! Transitional Coaching @ £75 per hour x 12 appointments lasting 2 hours each = £1800 for permanent change! what a bargain! (Don't be fooled - you're paying for transformation and that's priceless) As you can see actually in the long term, Coaching hands down ends up being the less expensive model. Also coaching clients benefit from a bespoke service, ongoing support included, less time spent out of work or on days off for appointments and they get a transformational as opposed to transactional approach guaranteed to offer them positive change in their life from session 1. It's not called change work for nothing you know!! So with all that in mind, What's not to like?
  • How does Emotional Independence Coaching help as an Alternative Mental health treatment?
    Coaching offers a unique opportunity to remove the route cause of an emotional response so that it can completely remove negative behaviour caused by triggers in that context. Coaching is also content free as opposed to talking therapies, which require clients to give details on their issue. This is not required and the client will still achieve the maximum amount of change. This is what makes coaching a great option for children who may not have the language capacity to express what it is they are feeling, and people suffering from trauma as they do not have to re-live it to get help.
  • How does Emotional Independence Coaching help with performance?
    Whether at work, school or home we have all had those times when no matter how much effort we put in we just can't get something past the line. This is due to subconscious barriers we put in our own way, Performance coaching works to create a winning mindset so that we can set goals and actually achieve them! also by implementing some of the Emotional Independence Coaching tools with the process we can remove emotional barriers you may not even be aware of.
  • Are Childrens sessions the same as adults?
    No, although I use similar techniques, children especially those of a young age often do not have the same level of language understanding. I use a technique based in storytelling to work with Children under 12, this does the same job to remove route causes of negative emotions and beliefs before they manifest as adolescent or adult mental health issues. Older children from 12-16 are worked with via a mixture of adult and child coaching, all sessions whether child or adult are bespoke and unique to the indidvidual.
  • Do children need to be chaperoned?
    Yes, all children aged 16 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, for remote sessions this would be a parent sitting in the room with their child whilst we conduct the session over video. Those over 16 are welcome to attend alone with permission, although I always welcome parents to sit in as it is a great way to learn about what I do.
  • Can Emotional Independence Coaching help as a Weight Loss Treatment?
    Yes! weight loss is as much about mindset as anything else, no amount of nutritional change or exercise will help you reach your goals if you do not have the right emotional state and mindset to make the changes necessary.
  • How are sessions conducted?
    All sessions can be completed online via multiple channels i.e. WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime, Skype etc. An initial consultation will be completed to get to know myself, discuss any queries etc. and to find the best areas for maximum change. Once this has been completed we will book in the 1st session. Clients stay with me for as long as they want or need to, so the amount of sessions required varies person to person.
  • How long is a session?
    On average an Emotional Independence Coaching session lasts 2 hours with this being the recommended time for bookings, Episodic memory, children's coaching and performance or goal setting can usually be completed in 1 hr sessions. All clients lead their own change so appointments are as long as they need to be for the client to work through their issues. The amount of sessions a client requires also varies person to person, how long is a piece of string? Again, because this is led by the client treatment is completely unique to the individual and therefor they stay with me as long as they want or need to. This is not a 1hr per week for the foreseeable future kind of treatment.
  • Why do you call it change work?
    Change work is the name chosen for any type of self improvement, coaching or therapy work which has a transformational element, designed to create difference (change) in the life/world of the user. Transformation and change is what you will experience as a part of our process, there is also a level of work involved on the part of the client/service user. Therefore the description is self explanatory - Change Work.
  • Can I book a block of sessions?
    Yes! I offer both bespoke per hour sessions for those who have completed an initial set of change work or if you would prefer you can book a block of hours. These then can be split up into appointments to fit around your life. If booking a block session I only ask you pay a 1hr deposit ahead of the 1st appointment to secure your booking (deposits are non-refundable and can be transferred to another appointment).
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