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Stones of Meaning

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is all about moving forward into your own destiny, removing barriers and hurdles you are putting in your own way. The process itself is designed to maximise potential, introducing proven strategies for enhancing performance including goal setting and introspection for focus. By allowing a client to evaluate how they can take control of their own performance, Coaching enables them to take out those barriers and clear their own path, it gives them an opportunity to reflect on what went well and what could be done better in a safe and positive way.


Performance coaching also uses elements of Emotional Independence Coaching to remove the negative emotions collected on that journey, which may be having an effect on a clients ability to perform at their peak. 

By doing all of this whilst also setting future goals, clients are able to write their own future, to step up and take on the challenges faced by taking more in life.


Performance Coaching can facilitate the difference between surviving and thriving, giving clients the drive to deliver and an elite performance mindset.

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